Helping my clients achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively is my number one priority and I pride myself on my clients’ results. Here’s what some of them are saying on Yelp.

  • I’ve found the best trainer ever! From day one I was hooked. I’ve been to many gyms, had multiple trainers, I’ve run, I’ve trained at home, I’ve tried everything! Working with Kevin is the most rewarding.

    Redwood City, CA

  • I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a personal trainer. He’s easy to work with and kicks your butt all while having a good time!

    San Carlos, CA

  • I’ve worked with a few other personal trainers in the area and Kevin is by far the best. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your fitness level or injury status is or what your goals are, he takes everything into consideration and will kick your butt in a way that’s exactly what you need. I’m older, was very unfit and recently had knee surgery, and I’m very happy with how he’s helping me change my body.

    San Carlos, CA

  • I’ve had Kevin as my trainer for a year now, and I’m incredibly happy with the results I’ve gotten from his workouts. He’s attentive, articulate, creative and keeps the exercises fun and interesting. My friends and family have all complimented me on how much more toned I’ve gotten, and they’ve also noticed how much more energy I have.

    San Ramon, CA

  • Quite simply, Kevin is an awesome trainer. My daughter plays competitive youth soccer and was looking for a trainer to give her an edge with her core strength, speed, and overall stamina. She has been working with Kevin for about a year straight and it has helped her immensely. She recently committed to a D-1 college for soccer, and we credit Kevin’s workouts with being part of her success.

    Redwood City, CA

  • Kevin is not only excited about what he is doing but knows how to magnetize you with the same excitement. Let him know what you would like to work on and be ready to sweat it out.

    San Bruno, CA

  • Kevin is a great personal trainer. I am not much of an athlete but he comes up with workouts that are fun and doable. When it gets challenging or I start getting tired he is there to motivate me through it. The fast pace and workout combinations are amazing.

    Redwood City, CA

  • Kevin has a work out regimen that is creative on all levels. He continuously challenged me by making each class different. I saw results within a week and my strength has increased tremendously. I also enjoyed Kevin’s professionalism and down to earth nature. Kevin loves to teach and he makes it obvious!

    San Jose, CA

  • After being a collegiate athlete and playing traditional sports my entire life, I wanted to mix it up with some new workouts. Kevin helped me achieve my goal of gaining lean muscle and toning my body without getting overly developed. By doing unique body weight exercises, I was able to become more athletic and explosive. Not to mention, training sessions are always fun and enjoyable!

    Redwood City, CA

  • I’m a naturally skinny guy, and searched for years for a personal trainer who could help me actually put some meat on my bones. After much trial and error, I found Kevin Dowling. After just a few months under his tutelage, I FINALLY put on some pounds and got some real results.

    Dublin, CA

  • My experience with Kevin has been a great one! I have improved with my form, strength, agility, and overall personal health.

    Belmont, CA

  • Working out with Kevin is so much fun! He always has new and engaging activities to try that are both physically and mentally stimulating. Seriously, you will learn how to do new things with your body that you couldn’t do before, not just the usual weight lifting activities.

    Petaluma, CA